Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is the OSAA plan for wrestling the right plan?

Alright, this is for HS coaches only. What are your thoughts about the new OSAA plan for wrestling next year?

Here's your chance to voice your ideas, thoughts, etc in a professional manner and we can take this to the OSAA and see what they think. We simply haven't been very organized in our approach with what we want as a sport. We have a regular group of coaches who say and do things, but we need everyone to voice an opinion. Everyone's opinion matters for our sport.

When posting, please use your real name and what HS you coach at. Be professional in your responses and take every post as serious, whether you agree with it or not. From here, we can use this info provided, get a overall feel for what coaches want and take this to the OSAA. Remember, this is for HS coaches only.